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Eolaíocht trí Ghaeilge

Bhí spraoi iontach ag Rang 5 i Leabharlann Bhaile Uí Ruáin inné nuair a bhí siad ag foghlaim faoin Eolaíocht trí Ghaeilge.

5th class had an exciting visit to Ballyroan Library yesterday where they took part in a hands-on Science investigation, through Irish, to see if it was possible for Rapunzel’s hair to have supported the weight of her visiting prince. Instead of hair, the children worked with jellies. They worked scientifically to test the tensile strength of a jelly ring and used maths to calculate that Rapunzel’s hair would probably have been strong enough to support the weight of another human.

Bhain na páistí ar fad an-taitneamh as an turas.

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