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Student Council

The Student Council is made up of two representatives from each class from 1st to 6th classes.  At the beginning of each school year the children in each class have an election to choose who will be their class reps.  

The Student Council is led by Mrs. O'Connor and it meets with her and Mrs. Perdue to discuss issues that are of interest to the children.  This mostly involves the playground and breaktimes but the council has also consulted with their classes about how they like to learn, what activities they enjoy most and what they'd like the teachers to consider when planning lessons.

The Student Council sometimes represents the children when visitors come to the school.


Rang 1       Flynn and John

Rang 2       Sebastian and Max

Rang 3       Matthew and Luke

Rang 4       Jack and Amy

Rang 5       Andrew and Tom

Rang 6       Fergus and Harry 

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