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Starting School

The N.C.S.E. has published a very useful handbook for parents of children starting school.  

You can access it here:  

Parents as partners

Parents play a huge part in the life of the school and we have a 'Parents as Partners Policy'

You can view it here:  

Parent Teacher Association

The school is a community where parents, teachers and pupils work together.  There is a long established Parent Teacher Association which runs events, helps fundraise and is consulted on policy review and development.  


There is a committee comprised of parents and teachers and which is elected each year at the annual AGM.  In addition, each class has a class rep who helps pass along information to parents as well as acting as a liaison person with the PTA. 

This is the current committee for 2021-2022:

Chairperson:   Llerna Espinosa

Treasurer:   RosCollery

Secretary:   Karen Ayton

Teacher nominees: Alana Storey and Deirdre Connolly

Committee members:  Daithí Thornton

                                       Shane Murphy

                                     Aideen Toner

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