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We cover all subjects in the Primary School Curriculum (1999).

The curriculum is presented in seven areas, some of which are subdivided into further subjects:

  1. Language: English and Gaeilge

  2. Mathematics

  3. Social, Environmental and Scientific education (SESE) - History, Geography and Science

  4. Arts Education: Visual Arts, Music and Drama

  5. Physical Education

  6. Social, Personal and Health education (SPHE)

  7. Religious Education (Church of Ireland "Follow Me" programme)

For more detailed information on the school curriculum click here

The school is also working with the NCCA on the redevelopment of the primary school curriculum as part of the Primary Curriculum Forum.   More information can be found on the NCCA website here

Primary Langauge Curriculum


A new Primary Language Curriculum has been developed by the National Council for Curriculum  Assessment (NCCA) and has been introduced for Junior Infants to 2nd classes.  The curriculum for 3rd-6th classes is being introduced in the school year 2019-2020.

For more detailed information on the Primary language Curriculum click here

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)

The NCCA is currently undertaking a review of the Primary School Curriculum and RPNS is one of the schools that is part of a forum which the NCCA has established to examine the curriculum, and discuss changes that would bring it up to date with the educational needs of primary school children. We hope to pilot some innovative educational ideas over the coming months/year.  The public consultation phase is now closed.

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