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Board of Management

The Board of Management is responsible for managing the school on behalf of the Patron. The Board is appointed for a four year term of office. The present Board was appointed in December 2019.

The Board meets 1-2 times a term to discuss a range of items such as building maintenance, policy formation, child protection and bullying, school self-evalutaion/teaching and learning, managing resources and school planning.

The Board of Management's Annual Report is available  HERE

Board members

Chairperson                 Rev. Canon Adrienne Galligan

Treasurer                       Liz O'Leary

Secretary/Principal      Joyce Perdue

Teacher nominee         Eoin Leonard

Parent nominee           Liz O'Leary

Parent nominee           David Richardson  

Patron nominee           Christopher  Sykes

Community nominee   Ramon Gillis

Community nominee   Ross Shorten

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