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Amber Flag

We are learning all about taking care of our mental health and overall wellbeing.

As part of this we were awarded an Amber Flag by Pieta House.

The Pieta Amber Flag Initiative recognises the individual efforts of primary schools to create a healthy, inclusive environment that supports mental well-being.

We are working together toward a happier, healthier Ireland and hope to eradicate the stigmas associated with mental health issues.

Our Amber Flag committee meets with Ms Farrell and Ms Storey to plan activities that focus on our welllbeing. 

Amber Flag Committee 2022-2023

Rang 1      Lottie and Joe 

Rang 2      Max and Aedán

Rang 3      Aaron and Jacob

Rang 4      Josh and Jessie

Rang 5       Elsie and Shane

Rang 6       Chloe and Robyn


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