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6th class in September!

Ancient China

This month in 6th class we learned history about China and Chinese Dynasties. First, we read about the Xia Dynasty, the first dynasty in China. Then we learned information about the Qin Dynasty. This dynasty was extremely strict and the Emperor, Emperor Qin, thought that education was a waste and wanted scholars to work instead of study. After that, we came to Emperor Shang, who completely switched the Qin Dynasty’s beliefs. He thought education was very important and put a lot of money into schools. We finished the chapter and Mr. Leonard told us we were going to make a project.

We got our Chromebooks and searched for interesting and historical dynasties. I did my project on the Ming Dynasty, the dynasty that the Forbidden City was constructed for. I learned many things including information about their agriculture, literature and culture.

The day came when we had to present our projects and I sucked up information about the Song Dynsasty, Tang Dynasty, and many more facts and opinions.

This was my favourite part of the month.

By Martha


This month, we did a lot of art in 6th class. We built terracotta soldiers out of clay and the following week, we painted them. A lot of people thought they looked like superheroes!

We also did pointillism art, which is where you use small dots (we used the bottom end of a paintbrush) to make a painting, and the end result can be amazing. It’s really interesting, in my opinion, to see the end result.

We learnt how to do perspective art, but with two points. We could make shops, buildings, houses or even small towns and cities!

Last but not least, we made tornado art, which is where you draw different sized and shaped tubes together. When you colour them they can look like they’re coming off the age. It’s a type of optical illusion.

By Olivia.

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