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Covid-19 and return to school January 2022

January 2022​

We're all delighted that the schools have remained open and we look forward to things settling down over the next few weeks.

However, please remember the following public health advice:

If your child has symptoms of the virus, or lives in a household where someone has received a positive or “detected” test result either on a PCR or an antigen test then they should not attend school. If staff members or children have been told by the HSE that they are a close contact of a case of Covid-19, they need to adhere to the advice on the HSE website in relation to restricted movements and testing.

Further advice for parents on protecting your child can be viewed HERE

A huge thank you to all the children in 3rd-6th classes who are being so co-operative in wearing masks and keeping each other safe.

While we have HEPA filters and CO2 monitors in all classrooms, good ventilation still continues to be a priority so windows and doors will be open.  Please ensure that your child is warmly dressed and brings a coat, hat and gloves (named!).

The school's Lead Worker Representative this year is Anne Lawlor, helped by Tara Byrne and Gretchen Dawson. 

Our Covid 19 Policy can be viewed HERE

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